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Kimball Collins - AAHZ The Lost Tapes 002 (3/16/1991)


This limited edition remastered double CD set is a live recording of the original master cassettes from Stace Bass’s personal archive, handpicked and  curated by Stace Bass herself. This recording has been carefully restored and remastered by DJ Icey in a way that preserves its original character with as little alteration as possible, offering the listener a virtual trip back in time to AAHZ at The Beacham Theatre (Orlando) from approximately 2:00AM to 4:00AM on Saturday, March 16, 1991. A very special note of gratitude to all who were there and helped to create such a truly special night, as well as those who are listening and enjoying this series. (Disclaimer: This recording contains imperfections, including needle pops and mic feedback, as well as some less than perfect mixes. We chose not to alter any of this to not take away from the pure aural experience of the night)

Kimball Collins - AAHZ The Lost Tapes 002 2xCD (3/16/1991)

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